What threatens women with large breasts doing sports in a regular bra?
What is fraught with workouts in ordinary bras that we wear every day
Nowadays, we hear from everywhere about the importance of proper nutrition, ratio of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, cardio, functional training and more. Some are just chasing a slim body; others understand that it is also about health and quality of life. In this pursuit, few people think about the right clothes for sports, and since our blog is about breasts, or rather, about large breasts, we will talk about bras.

In our life there was a great experience of exercising in a fitness clubs, and what we saw a lot there. Our hearts sank when we saw the girls on training equipments, whose chests were trembling. They had to hold their chests with their hands, while feeling as uncomfortable as possible.

Girls with large breasts often have to come up with ways to somehow provide themselves with comfort during intense workouts.
  • Some put on several bras at once in an attempt to hold their breasts;
  • The second wrap the bust with elastic bandages, hellishly squeezing it, that injures the mammary glands;
  • Others wear compression sports bras from the mass market;
We used to use those too. This is extremely unaesthetic and terribly uncomfortable, because the chest does not fit there, and if you take a larger size, it does not hold anything.

As a rule, this comes from ignorance of the fact, that even for the most non-standard sizes (for example, a very large chest and a narrow back), everything has already been invented and created.

Some women do not believe in miracles and are afraid to try a new product, while others simply try to save money.
"I also didn't immediately go for the right sports bra. At first, I suffered for six months in ordinary underwear, scrolling through Brashop's Instagram with one hand, and holding my chest with the other during hyperextension."
The first purchase of a sports bra always becomes significant, not all clients understand why they give such amount of money. Later, they confidently say that it was worth it: the bra serves well for several years, given the fact of very frequent wear.

Let's figure it out:
What is fraught with workouts in ordinary bras that we wear every day
  • Support
    During sports activities, the everyday bra is unable to support the breast due to its design and softer fabrics. Most often, an ordinary bra does not completely cover the mammary gland, respectively, nothing holds it back from above, and the chest constantly pops up.
  • Bones
    The bones of such a bra are not designed for active movements. The tunnel bands in which the bones are placed are made of a completely different material here than in a sports bra. This leads to the fact that the bones rub and cause discomfort. Due to excessive load, they cannot withstand and tear the fabric.
  • Fabrics
    Everyday underwear are not designed to remove excess moisture, which is why a large amount of sweat corrodes the fibers. The seams inside the cup can irritate the skin from constant friction.
  • Straps
    This is also a very important aspect. Most everyday bras have them wide enough, especially in balconette models. During an intense workout, this can be very distracting and annoying, as the straps constantly jump off the shoulders.
But more acute is the question of the health and shape of your breasts. The chest not only bounces up and down, but also left and right and back and forth, drawing complex eights. The skin and thoracic ligaments are stretched, and, unfortunately, it is possible to restore the shape of the breast only by surgery.
We can conclude that by exercising in underwear that is not intended for sports, you expose it to strong wear and tear and soon it will become unsuitable for wearing. In addition, it is traumatic and uncomfortable: constant scuffs, raw fabric, falling straps and falling out breasts - all this irritates and distracts from achieving the result.
For 7 years we have been selecting specialized lingerie for large breasts, including sports lingerie models. It is this element of the wardrobe that is simply necessary for a girl with a large cup size who leads an active lifestyle. And most importantly - a sports bra must be correct!
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