5 Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Bra

Are you familiar with these symptoms? So, it's time to contact the bra-fitter for the selection of a bra
Bras are not as simple as it seems at first glance. Even though they are hidden under clothing, they can drastically change your figure, the shape of your chest, the way you look and feel. Don't underestimate the power of a well-fitting bra. And to determine whether your bra is an assistant or an enemy, you can use a number of symptoms that give out a "bad" bust.

Julia Gesser
Brashop Founder

Bra straps dig in
Not only does it hurt to look at, the digging straps actually cause physical pain and affect posture. It sounds intimidating, but under the weight of a heavy chest, straps can leave dents in the bones of the shoulders if worn the wrong size for too long. The reason why this happens is that most women wear bras with a large size of a belt under the bust, respectively, the chest does not receive enough support. When a large breast is not held by the belt, it falls down and pulls the straps along with it. Ultimately, the shoulders bear the weight of the chest, which can sometimes reach 5 kg.

Bra underwires are not in place
The underwire of the bra should surround the breasts and be placed exactly around it without additional space, without touching or pressing the breast tissue. If the chest is trying to jump out of the cups of the bra from above or from the side, or you feel that the underwire below is sitting on the chest itself, then this cup size simply does not suit you. This not only causes discomfort, but can also leave bruises and calluses.
The photo above shows the fit of the bra, in which the breasts are trying to slip from below, but the underwire of the bra is squeezing it. The bra should sit strictly under the bust and fit the chest tightly. If it rises or "rides", then you need a smaller belt.
We often see this picture in our showroom. At first glance, everything is not so bad, but from the side you can see that the underwires are again not sitting around the chest, but right on it. In this case, you should try to take a smaller belt size and a larger cup.
In the photo you can see how the end of the underwire digs into the chest from the side under the arm. Many women mistakenly believe that the breasts have nothing to do with it and it is just fat. But this is still a continuation of the chest and, as we have already said, the underwires should completely fix it. This is all corrected by the correct selection of a bra. A sign that you have chosen the right size is the absence of discomfort, the underwires should not dig, rub or press the chest.

The bra band goes up
A belt that sits almost on the shoulder blades is the most annoying mistake that we have to correct daily. We do not get tired of repeating - if the bra belt moves up or down the back, then there is only one reason for this - the belt is too big for you. The chest pulls the cups down, respectively, the belt behind rises up. If the belt sits tight, then the chest will be higher and the support more tangible.
In the photo, the belt sits high on the back, instead of a horizontal position. A bra with such a belt provides zero support. Straps do all the work, but they are not able to support the weight of large breasts. As a result, you get not only an unaesthetic appearance, but also pain in the neck and back.

Breast popping out of cups
If the bra cup cuts through the chest, then it is small. In addition to the fact that a small cup does not look good under clothes, leaving a noticeable line of a bra that pushes the chest, the edges of the cups press on the chest, causing discomfort. You can solve this problem by increasing the size of the bra cup.

Poor posture, stoop
When you have a heavy chest and wear the wrong bra size without proper support, gravity takes over and pulls it down. This is a huge load on the back and shoulders. To help your spine and correct your posture, you can use the right size bra, which supports the chest with a belt, not straps.
So what should the right bra look like?
Below you can see photos of a well-fitted bra that coped with all the problems inherent in large breasts.
Bra straps do not stick into the shoulders, the chest is supported by a tight belt;

The underwires of the bra sit exactly under the bust, completely covering it.
The belt sits strictly horizontally, providing reliable support for the chest;

The chest is neatly located in the cup: not falling out from above or from the sides, but also without free space inside;

The posture has become much better, and the chest is more elevated;
The bra belt lies flat, without digging into the back, but at the same time as tightly as possible;

The straps are optimally adjusted: they will not dig in or fall off the shoulders;

The bra is fastened on the loosest row of hooks, which allows you to fasten it tighter over time.
In Brashop, professional consultants will help you choose the right underwear. You just need to sign up for a free fitting, come to our showroom by the appointed day and time and trust our brafitters who will be able to choose the right size and comfortable underwear. In addition, consultants know all the features of lingerie brands ("small", large) and will pick up the perfect bra for you!
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