I could not even imagine that lingerie for large breasts can be both comfortable and beautiful!
Review from the Lead Consultant of Brashop Svetlana Koltunova: The Nessa brand is a real discovery for women with large breasts.
It's no secret that for every woman, her inner self-awareness, self-confidence and a sense of her own attractiveness depend on the choice of underwear.

At one time, I could not even imagine that lingerie for large breasts can be both comfortable and beautiful! The moment I found BRASHOP, I knew it was heaven for women with curvy body shapes. I finally felt like a girl who is self-confident, who has forgotten about the existing problems associated with heavy breasts, who simply enjoys the underwear she wears.

Then I really understood the meaning of the phrase: "Wear what you like, not what fits." And for these emotions and feelings I am grateful to the brand Nessa. I'll be honest: I wore both Panache and Curvy Kate, but it was Nessa (for me personally) that became the favorite.
Nessa is a Polish brand that has its own production. The brand itself was created in 2008. A few years later, technologists created a unique cup design that conquered the whole world. Conquered with its quality and, of course, its size range.

Bras in this brand are sewn from 65 belt to LL cup! But even this is not the main thing.
Surely you have encountered such a problem: in ordinary chain stores for a large cup they always offer the most closed models with straps, like for a backpack, and with a belt that does not hold anything. In Nessa, the cups will be elegant and beautiful, the straps will be a comfortable width, and the tight belt will ease the load on the shoulders, even if you have a size 85K or 105GG.

A woman of any age will be able to find her ideal set in the Nessa brand. The collection includes bras with full cup, with a semi-soft cup and with a soft cup.
What kind of brand is it?
But why Nessa? Why is it so good?
To begin with, in all Nessa models, the width of the straps increases depending on the size. If you wear a G+ cup, then the straps will be wide. This is insanely convenient: you will finally forget about the pain in your shoulders and stop feeling all the heaviness of your chest. An important plus is the fact that the straps in Nessa are without a limiter.
The cup is made of double mesh, the inner part of which will not allow the fabric to stretch. Also, the compacted lower part of the cup provides tremendous support from below. And on the upper edge of the cup on the inside there is a special thin elastic band that does not allow the chest to fall out while walking.
In my opinion, the most important advantage of the Nessa brand is the shape of the cup. Most women dream of having their breasts lifted, gathered from the sides and looked visually round, neat and compact. This is how my breasts look in Nessa. It's all thanks to the T-shaped undercut, which supports the bust from below and lifts it to the desired level, which gives the bust our favorite rounded shape.
Nessa bras cover the breasts from above and keep their shape symmetrically. Due to the fact that the outer side of the bone is also high, the sides will always be fixed.
Also, one of the most important aspects is the belt. In the Nessa brand, it is always dense and wide. The belt is wear-resistant, as it is made of mesh, which is used in corrective underwear. In addition, there is a side frame that prevents the belt from twisting.
To be honest, my wardrobe is almost breaking down from a huge amount of Nessa underwear
Because 3-4 years ago I had a terrible shortage of bras. And I would like to tell you about my most favorite models, which I can advise any girl with a clear conscience.
Nessa Selena
The most basic model
Available in white, beige, Ecru, and black. In fact, I believe that among the Nessa brand, this is the most versatile model that sits on any chest. I wear this bra with ease even at work, although we move and bend over quite a lot.

By the way, each cup is individually adjusted during production, that is, lateral support changes depending on the size. I am very impressed that the very design of the Nessa bra is modeled on women, and not on mannequins, which is why the patterns are perfect for any size.
Nessa Tatuaz, Nessa Clarisse
Ideal models not only for everyday wear, but also for a specific occasion
These bras are absolute top sellers. Ideal models not only for everyday wear, but also for a specific occasion: they combine comfort and sexuality. From myself I can say that I have been wearing Tatuaz and Clarisse for a long time and they have not changed a bit. This is another plus of the Nessa brand: the fabrics are very dense and wear-resistant, without lycra, so the cup will not stretch during wear, which is very important for heavy breasts. Black sophisticated lace always looks elegant and unobtrusive. Therefore, in any of these models, any woman will look breathtaking.
Nessa Mamma
The first nursing bra with the cups up to K!
This model is ideal for nursing mothers: cotton base, side support, round cup with flat seams. In a word, no one will guess that you are wearing a nursing bra!

In general, Nessa underwear has become a favorite for many women. A wide range of sizes, a huge range of models, an elegant, open cup in which your breasts will stay in place (tested on me), flat undercuts, lateral support, hidden asymmetry - all this is Nessa!
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