How to shape your figure with a bra?
Today we want to tell you about the features of the selection of underwear for complete women. Not many people know that choosing the right bra can drastically change your figure, hide all the flaws and emphasize dignity. We will show how to do this using the example of our regular client, the owner of a gorgeous breast size 80JJ. Her story is familiar to many girls with big breasts!
For the first time, client came to us wearing a 95G sized bra, and left us in a correct and perfectly fitting 80JJ bra!!
The most important thing when choosing underwear for any chest is to choose the right size!
But! Even with the right size, a bra may not fit perfectly! Therefore, we will talk about the nuances that will help complete girls make the perfect fit and hide the flaws, emphasizing the dignity:
Side cut
Many owners of large breasts are faced with the problem of "ears" in the armpits, which hang over the bra cup and stand out not pretty under clothes. This problem can be eliminated with a small feature of the cup cut. The side cut will hide everything unnecessary and at the same time will gather your chest to the center and give it an appetizing shape! Only brands specializing in lingerie for large and very large breasts have such a cut feature! First of all, these are the three leading brands: Elomi, Nessa and Panache.
Elastic lace or elastic band
According to statistics, 80% of women have a noticeable breast asymmetry. It is not at all necessary to go under the knife in order to hide it! The presence of elastic lace or band along the contour of the cup will help to hide it even without the help of additional features in the bra!
Wide back
Olya, like most women, came to us in a bra with a narrow back. Plus Size girls should avoid underwear with such a narrow back! It is better to give preference to a bra with a wide back, with three or more rows of hooks. It will allow you to avoid folds on the back and any, even the most tight-fitting clothes, will fit perfectly!
Convertible straps
Convertible straps or hook-and-loop straps were first used on sports bras as they increased breast support during active sports. And only recently, lingerie manufacturers began to use the conversion of straps for everyday underwear. This update has been very helpful! Convertible straps will enhance breast support, make your posture straighter, which of course will visually make the owner of luxurious breasts slimmer! Straps criss crossed at the back gather the breasts to the center and create the perfect cleavage!
Models of underwear
Panach Jasmine Bra
Elomi Matilda Bra
When choosing the perfect bra for client, we determined her correct size, took into account all the features of her chest and figure, and that's what we got! The result is amazing, isn't it?!
In clothes
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