How to choose a bra for breast that have lost its shape
This article will focus on the most common life situation that many women face, but few people talk about it out loud. We are forced to keep quiet about any problems caused by social networks, the imposition of eternal "achievement" and the promotion of an illusory ideal.
Today we want to talk about breasts that have lost their shape. Often, this is a completely natural process that occurs during life. But first, let's define what "loss of breast shape" is.

Mastoptosis, or simply ptosis of the mammary glands, is a process of sagging of the breast, which is accompanied by a decrease in the volume of the mammary gland, a decrease in the density of the gland, loss of tissue elasticity, stretching of the skin in the area of the mammary glands, displacement of the poles of the areola and nipples.
This process is influenced by many factors, such as: breastfeeding, rapid weight loss, hormonal disruptions, gravity, wearing the wrong bra or completely neglecting it. But with the loss of breast shape, many women lose self-confidence, self-esteem becomes low and attitude changes for the worse. And "life is decay"
What to do? As always, there are several solutions: the first is radical (operation), the second is simpler and more affordable (the right bra), which will be discussed.
The main criteria for ensuring that the chest is under reliable protection, does not slip out and has a good shape. A bra with the following characteristics will help with this: closed cup - soft or molded, with a high bridge (the central part of the bra at the junction of the cups). If there is an asymmetry of the chest, then in a soft cup it is better to give priority to models with soft elastic lace in the upper part.
Why exactly these models? Everything is very simple! With molded closed busts, everything is clear: there is a clearly defined shape where we put the chest, and it hides, as if under a "shape", and a high bridge prevents soft tissues from slipping out of the bra to the center when the body moves.

But closed busts made of soft fabric and lace act according to the principle of filling the vessel: the soft tissues of the breast fill the "vessel" - a cup, which is sewn in such a way as to give the breast a natural rounded shape as close as possible to the anatomical one. In another way they are called Full Cup - a closed cup.
And what do we get in the end: the bone of such a bra completely "hugs" the entire breast both from the armpit and from the center of the chest, the cup completely covers the mammary gland, preventing it from slipping to the center and minimizes the movement of soft tissues in the upper part of the chest! As a result, we get a beautiful shape, proportionally correct position of the breast (this is the place where the breast once grew, before all its life adventures) and, most importantly, a harmonious silhouette in any size.
Please note, HARMONIOUS, because everything harmonious is beautiful! This is what Nature intended, not Instagram!
What do we want to say in the end! Proper and beautiful lingerie has saved more than one relationship and will save the world! Since happy and beautiful women give a lot of positive emotions to the surrounding reality, which makes wonders! Well, everyone remembers that some parts of the female body rule the World.

Love yourself unconditionally and completely! You are unique! (DNA doesn't lie)

Woman - Great creation!

P.S. Well, only we know how to give birth!)))

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